Surgery Group Los Angeles research Foundation Legacy Case Study

To design and build a secondary website for the Surgery Group Los Angeles inline with their existing surgery group website to raise awareness of the specialist work they conduct and to increase their ability to receive funds from donations and benefactors.

The new website needed to highlight the work the Surgery Group of Los Angeles Research Foundation (SGLA) conducted but most importantly to showcase the education program and subsequent interns that helped with their studies and research.

We were approached by Olympia Ammon (The Olympia Collective), a NANOE Certified Nonprofit Consultant who consults on behalf of the surgery group to raise funding, with a design brief that provided the surgery group with a dedicated platform to receive donations.

Prior to the new website this was not a possibility unless the benefactor wrote the surgery group a check! Surgery Group of Los Angeles Research Foundation (SGLA) is a not-for-profit entity that aims to raise the recognition, ambition and capabilities of the surgical foundation to provide further treatments to increasing clients whilst providing an educational program for their interns.

As part of their growing success and to meet the aims of the organization, SGLA required an update and addition to their existing website. The project had two key aims; firstly, to showcase the surgery groups research and educational program across the United States and secondly, to evolve from principally delivering publicly-funded programs, to becoming a body that can host an increasing amount of research capabilities and an increased portfolio of internships being offered.

We opted for a clean, contemporary design to reflect the industry, utilizing white space and organic shapes to create a flowing sense of motion to guide the user through an informative experience. Prior to works commencing we were suggested a color palette by the client to utilize throughout the website and used this to provide a design that fulfilled our remit whilst incorporating the design requirements of the client. We introduced a variety of call-to-action buttons that prompted the audience to make donations and further the foundations ability to provide more intern placements.

The website’s structure was designed to establish a clear user journey allowing website visitors to gain a better understanding of the research foundations goals and how to become a benefactor. In addition to great user experience, the website features previous and current studies that are being conducted whilst incorporating their mission statement as a benchmark throughout the site.



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