Bcpfree wanted a new, easy to navigate business directory that incorporated a community based social media presence allowing prospective users and directory members with the ability to locate local products and services within a defined geographical location.

As a new business listing directory, the requirement to provide an instant social media presence was a key element to this project with an emphasis on funnelling new users through a series of strategically positioned call to action buttons to populate the site with business listings immediately.

As a start up company, BcpFree required a complete turnkey service, therefore our design team provided a comprehensive package that included logo design, bespoke video creation and a custom directory build. The aspirations for BcpFree were to provide a contemporary business directory to rival comparative national directory marketplaces that acted on a local level with the ability to become a scalable product allowing entry into different geographical market environments.

A secondary aspect of the project was to provide social media channels to build a target audience, provide traction to the main website and produce engagement from the early stages of the website going live.

After discussing what color palette would be suitable for the initial look of the business directory build we decided to complete the website with a contemporary feel that allowed BcpFree to have continuity throughout their social media pages and the directory. To produce a community-based project, we designed a mascot to help build the brand and create a user-friendly experience whilst allowing business members the ability to identify themselves as a BcpFree directory member.

The finished directory was populated with extensive images reflecting the categories within the site ensuring users were able to navigate through the site easily and a continuous funnelling aspect allowed business users to create their own profiles without the need for assistance. A bespoke video was created by the design team that provided information on how to join and gave an overview of what benefits the directory can give to users and business owners creating an instant impact when viewing the homepage of the website.

After the final iteration of the directory was agreed, a complete social media marketing campaign was activated over all the major social media channels including a paid Facebook marketing campaign. Within three months of the site going live we have generated over 1000 active Facebook users and circa 1110 Instagram followers to date. 



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