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Do you need a professionally designed logo?  A distinctive, well-designed logo will make your company stand out from the crowd whilst building trust with your target audience and maintaining a long-term presence within your marketplace. Cultivating a strong logo will ensure your brand gets remembered and creates positive associations with your customers. Let our team of logo design experts provide your business in the Bay Area with a stand out design that separates you from the competition. 

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Custom Logo Design

LEVERAGE 22 uses a team of highly skilled design professionals when creating bespoke logo designs for customers who want to dominate their marketplace and create a strong brand recognition. We provide a hassle-free approach to logo design that utilizes an interactive approach between the client and the design team. Our desire is to provide innovative logos that are visually impactful that makes your business and brand stand out from the competition.

As most people are aware, the first impression your business creates is often the last impression that remains and this stands correct so it is of upmost importance that your custom logo design sets the tone for your brands visual identity. LEVERAGE 22 understands that once a customer sees your logo, they immediately assess the company as a whole and make a judgement from that one subliminal message you are creating. Therefore, logo design will highlight your brands personality and instantly convey the brands importance to the consumer.

Our logo design team uses a design related process to identify brand target and implement a prioritized strategic plan laying down the foundation for success and checking the custom designed logo is appropriate. The possibilities for logo creation are endless but to create the perfect logo takes skill and amendments so our team is happy to undergo a series of iterations until the desired result is achieved. Our innovative designs are available in all formats from hard copy to digital, allowing you to use your new logo on whatever medium you require and future proof your business and brand.

So if you are in need of a logo that reflects your businesses personality whilst providing your clients with reassurance on initial impression then we are your go to logo design team. Complete your business branding with an iconic, illustrative, typographic, symbolic, 2D or 3D animated logo. 

LEVERAGE 22 makes versatility the main priority when designing logos and as such provide various design iterations, consisting of pantone and single color versions. The result…a cost-effective printing enablement ensuring we provide you with a comprehensive and executable logo design process.  

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Iconic Logo Design

If you are looking to present a distinct brand identity an iconic logo really helps you stand out from your competitors. Our team of logo design specialists will create a visually absorbing logo using contemporary methods that breaks down the walls of old school approach. Make that first great impression last with a custom logo that reflects your brand and company image.

Typographic Logo

One of the main reasons to design a typographic logo for your brand is to resonate the brand identity to your audience. Our logo design team creates unique and appealing logos that grabs the audiences attention by using fonts that inspire and ultimately engages with clients. Cut through the competition with a bespoke typographic logo.

2D Logos

If you are looking to create a unique brand identity then 2D Animated Logos should not be ignored. 2D Animated Logos will take your brand to the next level by creating an instant impact and captivating your target audience. Our design team will create a custom 2D logo that can increase your ROI and provide a logo that can be used on multiple platforms.

3D Logos

Would you like to transform your brand identity by implementing a unique and impactful 3D Animated Logo? The Leverage 22 animated logo design team will elevate your business to the next level and mesmerise your audience with a bespoke 3D logo. Completely transferrable to multiple platforms and mediums including online video channels, logs, social media and company intros and outros.

Illustrative Logo

When it comes to illustrative logo design our experienced designers are the best in the business. We provide all types of illustrative artwork that covers classic styles through to contemporary design. Our designs are visually immersive to your clients and provide a stand-alone design that really creates a splash.

Symbolic Logo

Our symbolic logo design incorporates minimalism with a modern, contemporary approach. We pride ourselves on the logos we design and provide to our clients. Leverage 22 symbolic logos are always a first choice for company’s that want to convey a subtle message to their target audience.


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Responsive Websites

Searching for professional website design services? Having a responsive website that is both corporate and contemporary in design is the ideal choice for modern day companies. With consumers now spending 90% of their browsing time on a smart device or tablet, a responsive website will optimize your client’s experience. Regardless of device screen size, the flexible dimensions allow content to be viewed without compromising screen resolution or screen quality.

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