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Custom animated video, whether web animations or animated videos, help to add a competitive advantage to your brand as they will grab the audience’s attention and highlight the importance of your company. The power of custom animated video should not be overlooked when considering a modern-day approach to increase the visibility of your brand.

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Custom Animated Video

Since the exponential rise in animated videos across all platforms, the need for innovative video creation has never been so relevant. Regardless of your industry, from digital start-ups to construction services, everybody can benefit from the immaculate design services we provide for video animation.

LEVERAGE 22 video animation services are available to brands, companies and entrepreneurs to market their services through us. This is an approach to stand out enough to be noticed from the crowd and instruct representatives and individuals related with your image brand with the assistance of energized characters. Our exceptionally designed movement video includes different methods and apparatuses like Adobe Animate, 3D Visualization, Adobe After Effects, Cut-out Animation, Stop-Motion Animation Flash, Model Animation, Drawn Animation and Photoshop. 

Video animation services including 2D animated, 3D animated, whiteboard animation and cartoon animation provided by us can help as an incredible medium to produce or advance deals. Regardless of whether your item is digital or an actual physical product, our bespoke video administrations can help you support ROI. This is the best method to associate with the intended interest group and pass on your message across. We oppose the chances of fusing out-of-the-box thinking and introducing it in the most ideal manner conceivable, for example as video.

Additional benefits of a video will be furthered when this turns into an animated format that enhances the prestige of the company and brand. Therefore, we carry a diverse range of video animation services that include video animation, logo animation and whiteboard animation. As a professional video animation company, we provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of animation including studio quality animation, professional editing and the addition of memorable effects.

LEVERAGE 22 is an industry pioneer in providing animation services for businesses that require innovative and fresh approach ideas to keep you ahead of the competition. We cater for all budgets and have successfully managed various projects within the client’s scope and budget. Our professional animation products cover all aspects of animation and include educational guides, linear storytelling and numerous variations, providing you with unlimited options when considering animation marketing.

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2D Animated Videos

Are you searching for a way to stand out? We can give you a unique business identity with a personalised 2D Animated Video. Our design team provides a variety of services including animation, video scripting, storyboarding and voiceover.

3D Animated Video

Our animated services include 3D animations that are designed to create an impact to the end-user with custom or concept script. We provide immersive quality slow motion realistic renderings or 3D visualizations.

Whiteboard  Animation

Do you want explainer videos or cooperate videos to reach out to your target audience? We provide whiteboard animations that include educational, marketing and instructional.

Stock Animation

An easy way to highlight brand importance is by using stop motion videos. These charming video displays allow you to take advantage of your audience and increase interactions.

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Searching for professional website design services? Having a responsive website that is both corporate and contemporary in design is the ideal choice for modern day companies. With consumers now spending 90% of their browsing time on a smart device or tablet, a responsive website will optimize your client’s experience. Regardless of device screen size, the flexible dimensions allow content to be viewed without compromising screen resolution or screen quality.

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